Back-to-School Ordering Made Easy

Back-to-School Ordering Made Easy

Back-to-School Ordering Made Easy

You may have heard that OfficeMax and Winc are coming together to form a single source supplier for all the education products you know and value.

Church Resources is excited for this new era; bringing together two of the largest education suppliers in the country to help you and your school develop the brightest minds of Australia’s future.

The 2020 Back-to-School Order Guide is available exclusively to our members at preferred-member rates with the options of bulk ordering, standard packs and customised packs to suit the requirements of your not-for-profit organisation.

Inside this Order Guide you’ll find a range of innovative products to build your bulk orders or
booklists that will keep your school and students supplied with the tools needed for the new year.
Choose from bulk ordering, standard or customised packs to deliver the Back to School program
right for your school and parent community.


  • Bulk ordering
    The convenience of one shipment to your school. Everything can be ordered, packed, invoiced and
    delivered by year level, at one time.
  • Standard packs
    For when your school wants all students to receive an identical pack of high quality items, parents
    can purchase and collect from the school.
  • Customised packs
    Allow each year level to have their own unique pack where you create it with our online tools.
    Parents then shop online, customise their order and receive home delivery, meaning a more
    streamlined process for you.


Contact Church Resources to get access to the 2020 Back-to-School Order Guide or any questions regarding your organisation’s purchases for the new academic year!