Are you ready for the NBN?

Are you ready for the NBN?

Are you ready for the NBN?

It’s easy to get lost and confused amidst all the news and information that gets circulated regarding the rollout of the NBN.

Many organisations believe that once the NBN goes ‘live’ in their location/s there is only a short timeframe for them to sign a contract with retailers to take advantage of the NBN – and this is definitely not the case.

CR have spoken to Members who say they have felt the pressure and urgency to move onto the NBN before they are actually required to, resulting in significantly higher telco bills for these Members.

Once the NBN goes live in your location your organisation actually has 18 months to make the transition – so there’s no need to sign any contracts straight away!

To find out when the NBN goes live in your location visit the NBN website

CR strongly encourages our Members to be fully informed before making any decisions surrounding the NBN and to make the most of the 18-month transition period to shop around for the best plan suited for your organisation’s needs.


Things to consider when looking for an NBN plan

  1. Number of people on site
  2. Number of phone systems/other devices that utilise internet connectivity
  3. Required Download/Speed capacity

As well as looking into NBN plans, it is also critical for your organisation to ensure that your current technology is compatible with the NBN.

We have put together a technology compatibility checklist for your organisation to consider with the coming of the NBN:

  1. Phone systems
  2. Fax machines/lines
  3. EFTPOS terminals
  4. HICAPS or health claim terminals
  5. Wide area network, multiple sites e.g. VPN
  6. Cloud services and applications
  7. Monitored security alarms or cameras
  8. Fire alarms
  9. Lift emergency phones
  10. Medical alarms


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