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The new Aged Care Quality Standards: Menu planning and preparation

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Food can be a powerful social symbol for connecting consumers with moods, emotions and rituals related to their identity. Mealtime habits built over time can inspire feelings of comfort and familiarity for consumers. It is important for an organisation to consider a consumer’s preferences, religious and cultural backgrounds when providing food and drinks or hosting meals.

Food really is the centre of everyone life. We eat every day and food therefore has an important nutritional role in keeping us well and fit, but it also is such an important part of all our lives. Everything we do revolves around food, all our social activities, major life events and it pulls out personal framework together.

One of the reflective questions from standard four (Aged Care Quality Standard) is

How does the organisation involve the consumer in menu planning or food preparation?

Aged care homes have been good at organising meeting with residents to talk about the menu and what should go into the planning. This needs to continue but what also needs to be added now is more on increasing choice and how the meal service runs and what flexibility can be found around meal time and duration.

Food preparation in aged care homes can be difficult to arrange due to mobility of residents and food safety concerns. However, there are way in which residents can engage with the food supply.

  • Buffet services where residents can help themselves can be arranged
  • The use of choice options at meal times
  • Point of service styles
  • Activities when residents undertaken cooking

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