Procurement Matters in Aged Care Foodservices

Why Aggregated Procurement Matters in Aged Care Foodservices


What is Procurement?

Procurement is the system of gathering – costs, comparing contracts, comparing pricing, ordering, deliveries, quality controls, food safety etc.

Aggregated Procurement is an enhanced system of procurement which leverages group buying power to attain greater economies of scale.

Why Procurement Matters?

With the opportunity for your organisation to enjoy the following bottom line benefits of aggregated procurement, why wouldn’t you want a slice of the pie?

  • Cost-savings
  • Time-savings
  • Generates supply of additional resources (time or monitory)
  • Creates efficiency within the organisation
  • Even if you have a specialist procurement role in your organisation
  • Develop specification
  • Develop purchasing pathways
  • Provide a wide range of solutions 

Our research into CR Foodservice member spend between 2016-18 shows a 4% to 26% saving across our Foodservice Solution offerings: bread, milk, chill dry frozen and chicken.



How can Church Resources help your organisation?

The potential benefits to your bottom line speak for themselves but where do you start?

By submitting your Foodservice purchasing invoices for a no cost and a simple invoice comparison, Church Resources can help you achieve these benefits and more by:

  • Benchmarking your organisation’s current Foodservice costs to ensure current suppliers pricing is the best offering. This is a win-win for your organisation. If you aren’t getting the best pricing from your suppliers, there is potential cost savings to be made through aggregated procurement. If you are getting the best offering, GREAT!
  • Saves time in contract pricing (reduce admin time)
  • Utilising group buying power- joining CR’s member-base, grants your organisation access to our CR-negotiated pricing with our panel of Foodservice suppliers, saving you time and money.

Come and see Dr Karen Abbey at the PASA Aged Care Conference where she will be talking about meeting the growing foodservice expectations in the aged care sector.

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