Innovation and Future trends in Foodservice

Innovation and Future trends in Foodservice


With increased expectations of aged care residents (as well as family and friends), foodservices
departments in the aged care sector will need to plan strategically on how they will meet these
growing expectations. One of the trends in aged care is trying to increase menu choice and
provide more flexibility around the dining service. Procurement can play a vital role in helping
create menu choice. The menu offered influences the foodservice system and therefore adding
choice in will require consideration around equipment, staffing, skill and food purchasing.


Considerations in offering menu and dining choice

• Demand on service delivery increases- increasing choice also requires more resources, but
simple strategies from CR can help streamline this

• Increases menu variety for residents- menu variety provides nutritional and variety advantages
to aged care residents

• Flexible meal times- easy to create meals allow for greater flexibility around service delivery for
aged care residents

Menu choice can be increased through simple strategies. The CR YouTube channel has many
examples of how to increase menu choice for example: nutritional and variety advantages of
porridge toppings, how to prepare easy dessert mixes, meat and vegetarian alternatives.

CR kitchen uses food products to demonstrate a wide variety of different recipes
which are found on our website. We take a food product and make up a number of recipes. This
is a good strategy to reduce the amount of food products in the pantry. Church Resources
Foodservice Solution has many other ways to support menu development around choice.

Come and see Dr Karen Abbey at the PASA Aged Care Conference to learn more about
how your organisation can implement menu choice using cost-effective strategies that don’t
break the bank.

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