Procurement Matters in Aged Care Foodservices

How Procurement impacts savings in Age Care Foodservice?



The foodservice system is a complex model and is made up of interlinking processes all working together to produce meals. Procurement is the process of purchasing the items foodservice needs to have to produce meals. How foodservice undertakes it procurement can have impacts on the budget and as food costs can make up at least 33% of costs it is important to get the purchasing correct.

What is Aggregated procurement?

Aggregated procurement is another step up in the procurement process. Utilising a group buying organisation to bench mark costs can lead to a reduction in administration time and potential food costs.  This is a win-win situation and Church Resources benchmarking services are at no cost.

Why Aggregated Procurement is important in finding potential savings?

Foodservice only has finite resources imagine what you could do by gaining time or even costs savings.  Across the foodservice solution Church Resources can assist with bread, milk, chicken and chill dry frozen. Potential savings can be used to buy equipment, replace crookery or even add some more expansive food items on the menu.

When trying to make change to any system resources will always be needed. By ensuring that your procurement system has the flexibility to adapt and take advantage of aggregated services will provide information to help manage costs

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* Sales Data from 2017/2018

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