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3 Ways Teachers Can Use Technology To Improve The Classroom Experience

3 Ways Teachers Can Use Technology To Improve The Classroom Experience

Integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives, technology affects the way we shop, socialise, connect, play, and most importantly, learn. Technological tools can play an enormous role in boosting students’ capabilities, revolutionising the way they work and think, and giving them unfettered access to the world.

Technology is rapidly becoming a staple in classrooms around the country, facilitating improved learning and equipping today’s learners with the types of skills required to achieve success in an increasingly digital world. Not only do interactive applications and networking tools help to bolster teamwork and collaboration, but other more specialised applications can also better enable students to learn in keeping with their unique talents and abilities.

And technology isn’t just for learners – it’s also becoming a game changer for teachers, who are now afforded access to a wealth of exciting curriculums and learning methods, enabling them to create more diverse lesson plans, and to encourage improved participation and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Here are a few simple ways in which your school can implement an effective technology-based education strategy:

Free online tools

Technological solutions needn’t break the bank – there is a wealth of free and readily available online tools that can be effectively utilised to improve learning and collaborative efforts. These include the likes of iTunes U – a free medium available through the Apple iTunes application, whereby schools and universities can offer added-value courses at no additional charge to anyone who wants to participate.

Google’s Drive and Docs applications also enable improved collaboration thanks to their free cloud storage facilities, which are accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Interactive lessons

Technology is making learning a more interactive process, offering up a wealth of visual teaching aids and tools that cater to different types of information processing. Using some of these more high-tech tools, teachers can make lessons more conversational, shifting away from the traditional lecturing model and giving students the opportunity to interact and directly engage with the material. Not only does this up enthusiasm levels, but also caters far better to different educational aptitudes, enabling each student to learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Preparations for the real world

Technology enables your students to explore subject matter that exists outside the realm of the tried and tested curriculum. By utilising readily available software and applications, you can give your students the chance to tackle subject matter designed to prepare them more appropriately for an ever-shifting job market. Tools like Sphero – an interactive robot that allows students to explore the principles of programming – can prove invaluable in equipping your learners for a life outside the classroom. Applications like Skype also open up a world of new experiences for students, who can be immediately transported to classrooms across the world, and get a glimpse of other cultures, languages and learning methodologies, thus bettering their understanding of the world and its workings.

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