2K Audio Speakers for Your School

2K Audio Powered Speakers for Your School

2K Audio Powered Speakers for Your School

Looking for new speakers for your classroom? Check out this special introductory price on 2K Audio powered speakers. These speakers have been designed specifically for the classroom focusing on cost-effectiveness to allow your school to meet your needs without blowing the budget.

2K Audio Classroom Speakers

RRP: $179.00 (ex GST) per pair

CR Price:

  • $157.00 (ex GST) per pair
  • $146.00 (ex GST) per pair if you buy 4 sets or more


  • Auto-switch off “Green Speaker” designed specifically for education but suitable for all sectors
  • No Buzz ever and low power consumption
  • Incredible sound quality and power, never need to turn the volume up to Max ever again
  • Easy to install with tilt wall brackets so sound can be directed to the right area
  • Compact Design, Say goodbye to your oversized, ugly speakers. We packed the biggest punch in the smallest package
  • Compatible with all brands of projectors including Epson
  • Total power of 60W power output (2*30W)
  • 1 * powered and 1 * passive speaker
  • RCA and 3.5 mm stereo input


2k audio

Don’t miss out! Take advantage of this introductory offer today.

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